Managed IT and Your Small Business- Why You Need It.


All companies rely on some form of technology to operate their business. Failing to stay on top of the latest  technological advances and security may result in devastating consequences to your business.

1. Outdated Software

Software platforms are constantly updating to fix potential security threats, compatibility issues, and other glitches. Our managed IT services will stay on top of these software updates to apply them as necessary.  We will often delay application in order to ensure the glitches in the updates themselves are resolved by the software manufacturer before we employ them. Proactively handling updates improves security and efficiency. When systems aren’t maintained properly, they lose functionality which can result in lost productivity and even lost business for you.

2.  Downtime

If you’re like most small businesses, you don’t have a dedicated IT department, and you rely on yourself or employees with the most “tech” knowledge to troubleshoot and resolve the issues you encounter.  This disrupts them from the work they are hired to do. Lack of knowledge often results in lengthy downtime while you rush to fix an issue, wait for reboots, try to clear breaches, or recover lost data. If several employees are affected, the time and cost really adds up.

Our managed IT support  is a proactive approach because we are constantly monitoring your network for you. We resolve system vulnerabilities long before they develop into greater threats, and the problem is resolved before the user is aware there was an issue. Utilizing managed IT services results in experts identifying and troubleshooting issues 24/7 so you don’t lose valuable time.

3. Increased Costs

Many companies don’t think they have it in their budgets to contract with a managed IT service. If you compare the cost of employee downtime, lost sales, security threats, and the liabilities that come along with that; the investment is minimal. An internal IT department can be hired to handle your technology needs and minimize risk, however the cost of salaries, benefits, and all other costs associated with each employee are astronomical in comparison to the 24/7/365, expert support of a managed IT firm. We don’t take days off, and starting at $50.00 per user, the cost savings is significant.

4. Weak Security

Computer crimes are a multi-billion dollar industry. The industry adapts and becomes more sophisticated with each passing day, putting you at risk. Proactive monitoring, timely security updates, and managed software updates are critical to being one step ahead of an attacker. We will actively monitor your network 24/7 for malicious activity, keep your network and security up to date, and create security protocols for your employees so they can work without putting your business at risk.

5. Your Reputation and Business

You’ve seen the headlines about major corporations who have experienced a data breach. The costs to recover data and protect your customer’s information will cost a small fortune- something that most companies cannot afford. Small businesses are often the most vulnerable to cyber attacks because of their lax security. Most companies that experience a breach will have their customer’s personal and financial data compromised. When that happens, your reputation is compromised which can be devastating to your business.

Lack of professional IT support can be a dangerous and costly mistake. Consider consulting with a managed IT firm such as Collett Systems LLC. Learning what we can do to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build will cost you nothing, and if you decide to invest in your business by contracting with us, the peace of mind you will have knowing that experts are looking out for your business 24/7 is invaluable.