In-house PC Repair: $89.99 + parts

Includes: Data back-up, virus and spyware removal, perform anti-virus/anti-spyware updates, perform Windows updates. Evaluation for upgrades at request.


Desktop/Notebook Diagnostics: $29.99

Includes: Evaluation of computer based on customer description of problem. Recommendations made for upgrade options and repair estimates. Additional $19.99 for diagnostics that require the computer to be disassembled to determine the cause of the problem.


Desktop Hardware Installation: $25.99 to $55.99 + parts

Installation of one additional hardware item such as a motherboard, hard drive, video/sound cards.


Software Installation (customer supplied software): $19.99/$9.99 for each additional software title


Operating System Installation (customer supplied software): $99.99

Installation of Windows, necessary updates and all drivers for external components. Antivirus package included.


Basic/Advanced Data Backup/Restoration:

Basic backup includes up to 25 GB of data to customer’s hard drive. Advanced backup includes anything over 25 GB of data. Pictures, videos, documents, music, settings, and email are restored back to their original locations.


PC/Laptop user Training: $39.99 per hour


Non-contract Hourly support: $125/hr + parts


Non-contract Emergency & after hours support: $170/hr + parts


Web Development: $150/hr