Business Email Services

Welcome to Managed Business Email. This service has been developed with you and your customers in mind, maintaining uptime while providing excellent support from a high-touch business technology provider.

Ever faced any of the following?

  •  Server downtime
  •  Lost email connection
  •  Virus threats
  •  Junk mail filling your inbox
  •  Running out of server space
  •  Loss of emails
  •  Unable to locate important emails
  •  Genuine emails getting blocked

With Business Email, we help you overcome these common email issues in a cost-effective and efficient way. Business email service offers the following:

Business Email continuity and security in West Bend

How does this benefit my business?

  •  Value for money
  •  Affordable
  •  Uses latest technology, always up to date
  •  Price based only on usage
  •  Easy to use and deploy
  •  One tool handles all of your Business Email Requirements
  •  Helps support existing IT resources by offloading mundane yet critical Business Email services

In short, systems are in place to address all current threats to email security and continuity.  If you’d like to learn more about the threats faced by business email systems, check out this paper published by SANS, the worlds most trusted computer security training and advisory organization.

Because these Business Email services sit between your existing infrastructure and the web at large, it can drastically reduce your exposure to unwanted web threats.  Hosting a mail server without perimeter defense all but advertises your location on the web and additionally lets the bad guys know you’re running services that are potentially worth attacking.  This service eliminates your local installations foot print on the web and keeps this threat to a minimum.

Business Email Services are not all-or-nothing.  You can trial these services at any time in order to ensure you are securing honest-to-god value for your business. It’s ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses that don’t have the in-house capability and can benefit from it or the deep pockets of larger organizations, however Business Email is not limited to smaller email deployments – These systems are  highly scalable and can deploy systems in excess of 10,000 mailboxes in less than a weeks time.

Call now at 262.384.4400 and we can discuss your current situation to see if you can benefit from a transition to these services.