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Are you looking for Computer Services in Germantown?

Collett Systems LLC offers all the IT and computer services your business may require, no matter how complex your business computer system is.  Our business computer services combine the latest technology along with old-fashioned customer service to keep your investment running efficiently.


We customize our approach to computer services for each client to serve your unique needs rather than to put you into ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions that require extensive workflow modification.


Our customers engage Collett Systems in two basic capacities:


1) Continual Managed IT Service and Support
2) Installation and migration of new business networking systems


When you hire us for your computer service needs, we use our proven process to get a handle on your computer service needs and then implement best-practice solutions to accelerate productivity.

Germantown Computer Services

We provide businesses in Germantown, WI with Computer Services and IT Support

Industries Served:


  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Service providers
  • Real Estate
  • Nonprofit


Computer Services Provided:


Germantown Computer Service

Why Choose Us For your Computer Service Needs?

1) We will speak plainly.  No need for industry jargon, we will frame our discussion around your business rather than ours.  Of course, if you’d like the nitty-gritty, we will be happy to share.


2) We will think ahead and plan for a worst-case scenario.  Business IT and Computer Services can be unwieldy at times.  Our wide-ranging technology industry experience puts us ahead of the game, predicting and mitigating failures before they have a chance to shut your computer network down.


3) We will provide best-in-class IT products and Services.  We do not provide cut-rate, ‘hacked’ together solutions.  Cut-rate solutions often will cost more than the ideal solution in the long run.  Downtime and user frustration are common results of running cobbled together and unsupported systems.


4) Collett Systems deploys and manages systems backed by support contracts from Microsoft, Red Hat Linux, SolarWinds, HP, Dell and others to ensure we have access to the necessary product and service specific support required by these complex systems.

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