Peer-to-Peer Video Calling Enabled

Video Calling with Polycom VVX 500/600   Video Calling does not require a PC, software, or any external videoconferencing solution. Simply plug in a Polycom VVX Camera (sold separately) into the dedicated...

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wordpress forms

FIX: WordPress Updates Without FTP

Perform your Wordpress updates without FTP!   After a few go-rounds, you'll want to fix that so you can do these wordpress updates without ftp credentials (you're darn sure other wordpress instances...

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web browser security

Block Ads and Increase Safety with Firefox

It seems the vast majority of small business computer users are using what they've familiarized themselves with over the years to access the internet: Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  While this application...

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Antivirus Security Services Management

Managed Antivirus and Security Collett Systems is offering state of the art, guaranteed antivirus solutions for your small business managed and monitored here in West Bend, Wisconsin.  For less than the...

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data recovery service

West Bend Data Recovery Services

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Your data is your life.   We've all been there - overwritten that presentation, suffered an ill-timed power failure or hard drive crash - any of one thousand different ways to ruin...

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Safe Youtube Downloader Software

I've been asked from time to time about a safe youtube downloader in order to archive and make use of important content. After testing various java-based web tools and free applications...

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